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March 1 2024 Washington County Residents

We will be in Machias ME Friday Morning March 1,f 2024, if anyone would like to buy anything, I know this is short notice and will make sure that next week I let you know on Monday were I will be on Friday. I will be bringing Garlic Pepper Jack cheese bread ( the pepper jack cheese I made myself) and cinnamon swirl bread as well as chocolate chip swirl bread ( all of these are a yeast bread) I will also have Molasses cookies with me and Oatmeal. Let me know today if there is anything else you would like me to bring , Thank you again for your support in this new journey, and for being patient with me as I work out the kinks out of my web page and email.


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Washington County Residents,

I will be in Calais on Friday if anyone would like a great tasty treat. Let me know what you would like .


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